Satyamev Jayate: Aamir teaches about real manhood

The popular chat show Satyamev Jayate hosted by Aamir Khan is popular among the masses because of the relevant social issues that it highlights. Within a short time of its inception the program has become popular and enjoys a very high TRP rating. This year the season three of the chat show was eagerly awaited and it lived up to the expectations. However, it seems that the best was kept for the last episode of the season. In this part Aamir Khan discussed about what it meant by the words ‘real man’. Aamir begun the episode by asking the audience about what they thought made an ‘Asli Mard’ (#ARealMan).

This episode showcased celebrity guests such as Amitabh Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone and Parineeti Chopra. All the guests gave their view about the wrong portrayal of women in Indian cinemas and its effect on the mind of movie buffs. Deepika stated that she will never date an ill mannered man and she has a past experience of facing such personality. Kangana speaking about the matter emphasised that the rejection of a girl should be understood for what it is and should not be interpreted in a different manner. Parineeti stressed about differentiating between the real and reel life. She stressed on the harmful effect that films are promoting by showing wrong ideologies about women on screen.

A report from the UN in the recent times has condemned the Indian film industry for showing women in a poor taste. Aamir acknowledged the problem and stated that the show will definitely send a signal to the movie industry. Later on during the ‘Mumkin Hai’ session, a viewer stated her concern saying, “As a mother, and as a woman, a change in the movies is something I really really look forward to. Because my child is growing, and his questions are growing with him.”

Aamir said, “The movies teach us if you stalk and harass a woman, she will eventually fall in love with you.” He went on to add that, “I feel ashamed that I, too, have acted in such movies.”

The episode topic is a very relevant to the modern Indian society. It also brought forward incidents of male brutality and violence. It was established beyond any doubt that what men think of themselves and what the women thought of them were different. Women described men as aggressive, all controlling and egoistic. It seemed that the solution would be for men to win over everything by love.