Sasha Agha’s MMS video goes viral on net

Debutante Sasha Agha is yet to taste stardom but the newbie has already experienced the consequence of being a well known name in the industry. In 2011, she was embroiled in a MMS scandal with her alleged boyfriend Ruslaan Mumtaz. The MMS video of Sasha and her boyfriend went viral on net and to declare the truth, she called a press conference which was addressed by her mother and veteran actress Salma Agha and Sasha. Sasha said that the video was morphed and the girl in the video was not she.

Sasha who is making her Bollywood debut with Yash Raj Films 'Aurangzeb' opposite Arjun Kapoor said that the MMS phase was not difficult for her. "It was not difficult at all. I felt that these things happen, people gossip all the time," Sasha told.

Sasha considers herself "to be like any normal human being".

"I never felt that what I should do? I was not involved in something, my name has been used and that comes with the whole baggage. I never felt what am I going to do now?"

She feels blessed that people wants to know about her but at the same time she urges people not to invade her privacy.

"It is a blessing from god when someone wants to know what you are doing. I respect that, but people don't understand that we are normal human beings and we can make mistakes too. I want my personal life to be personal," she said.

Sasha is very much in the news for her intimate scene with Arjun Kapoor in 'Aurangzeb'.

"It's not like we have these scenes to make the film spicy... the film is very bold. Everyone is very power-driven. You are doing extreme things in life to get what you want. Both (Arjun and Sasheh) are raw and animalistic with each other. If you have that, then a lot of chemistry on the bolder side comes out," said Sasheh.

Sasha wants to do different role in her upcoming movies.

"I want people to see that just because someone has done something in one film, does not mean that they can't change in their next," said the Bollywood fresher.