Sarwar Ahuja caught by surprise on his birthday

Sarwar Ahuja, who is currently playing the lead role as a blind man on the NDTV show Jyoti, celebrated his birthday in style this Friday. The whole unit pitched in together for a surprise party on the sets for our birthday boy. And it looks as if a triple treat was in store for the crew members that day. Not only was it Sarwar's birthday but also the lead cameraman’s and it was the show’s 100th episode since its inception.

A special day indeed! Sarwar had no idea about celebrations and was truly surprised to see the party come alive right after the pack up before midnight. “Occasions like these become more sparkling in such a close knit group” Sarwar says fondly,  “The unit has become a second family to me and it felt great to celebrate such a special occasion with everyone” he adds.

The show has some exciting twists and turns for the fans in the coming weeks now that the marriage is over. “Romance is going to be in the air” reveals Sarwar with a mischievous smile.

Sarwar took the whole next day off for his birthday and jokes that the producers were kind enough to bear with him for the special occasion. Films wise too Sarwar has a promising year ahead.