Sarkar Raj fails to rule at the box office

Sarkar RajThe highly anticipated film Sakar Raj at last saw the light of the day on 6th June. In spite of its grand premiere at IIFA in Bangkok, the film failed to remain one’s favorite for long and unexpectedly kicked off by the audience after Day 1 show. The magic of Bachchans and the power of Ramgopal Varma ultimately failed to catch audience interest for a long time and after one day show, they sidelined it.

The domestic box office is not showing an impressive result. On Day 1 and Day 2, the film successfully drew huge crowd to the theatre but from day 3, the numbers began to fall drastically. Heavy rain is also considered to be one of the reasons for its down fall. It is also expected that on the same day released, critically acclaimed thriller, Aamir has divided the audience.

In metros, Sarkar Raj had a favorable opening but could not carry forward its magic. It will definitely be a disheartening news for the Bachchans but they to some extent could calculate the consequence when the film received mixed reviews at the premiere in Bangkok.