Sarkar Raj draws huge crowd at IIFA

Aishwarya RaiRamGopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj was the main attraction of IIFA in Bangkok last evening. The Bachchans trio drew a huge crowd which went almost out of the control of the security. People came in large number to view the highly anticipated film Sarkar Raj and their favorite stars premiered at a shopping mall.

Ash looked extremely gorgeous in black saree and Abhishek in black suit walked the green carpet with fans cheering from both the sides for getting a glimpse of their stars and desperately tried to click their photographs. IIFA is a high profile event and one of the biggest ocassions of Indian film festival where along with films, fashion shows, dance performances decorate the evening.

Regarding the screening of the film, Amitabh and wife Jaya Bachchan were highly excited and remarked, “"Since the first screening in Mumbai on Thursday, we have been inundated with SMSes complimenting us about our performances. I hope the audience too support the film”. The Bachchans had kept their fingers crossed for the good response of the film.