Sara Khan unhappy after marriage

Least does Sara Khan knows that when she would step out of the Bigg Boss house, her identity would be changed and she would no longer be called Khan. Sara Khan was highly depressed when she came out of the house and got to know that her parents did not accept their marriage and said that Ali and Sara were already married two years back. It was difficult for her to believe that her parents have made a false allegation about her marriage.   

'I am still getting over the fact that I am a married girl now. It does make me feel nice and happy, but as I am getting to know about the controversy over my wedding, I wonder what happened and why. It is very upsetting,' Sara said after coming out.

Sara and Ali have been dating for three years and they get married on the reality show, ‘Bigg Boss’. The Bidaai actress is happy that she is married now but at the same time upset with the controversy.

'I have just reached Mumbai after being in Lonavala at the 'Bigg Boss' house for two months. I need time to settle back. Only once I meet my parents and watch all the footage, can I comment about whatever happened,' she says.

Sara clarifies that her wedding on TV is not to raise the TRPs of the show or publicity gimmick but is very real. 

''Bigg Boss' is a huge show. The TRPs are already very high and it does not need such gimmicks to boost the ratings. It's just crap if people feel my marriage was for ratings. I have been there, and I can assure that nothing is scripted on the show.'

'Getting water is also a surprise on the show, leave alone getting married. These are just rumours being spread by people who are jealous of me,' she says.