Sara Khan to play a South Indian girl in ‘Yeh Hai Aashiqui’

Sara Khan who became a household name with hit TV show, ‘Bidaai’ will be seen in channel Bindaas new soap, ‘Yeh Hai Zindagi’. In the serial, Sara will play a Tamilian girl named Mahalaxmi and the story revolves around two different people of different caste falling in love.

"Love is sufficient for two people to be together and not the similarities or dissimilarities of caste, religion, creed, which are man-made.

"The kind of love story 'Yeh Hai Aashiqui' has come up with this time, is brilliant and very real as we know that there have always been issues in our country, specially relating to inter-caste marriages," Sara said in a statement.

25-year-old Sara feels marriage is a man-made custom and love is enough to complete two people.

"According to me, marriage is a man-made custom, which ultimately gives acceptance to a relationship for the society. But for me, the moment you lose your heart to someone and you wholly and solely want to be with that person, that's marriage," Sara said in a statement.