Sapna Pabbi lashes out at Vikram Bhatt

Khamoshiyan’ actress Sapna Pabbi entered into a brawl with director Vikram Bhatt over shooting an intimate scene.

She was quoted as telling Mumbai Mirror, "Vikram Bhatt is a filmmaker and not a passion peddler and I did not expect them to have such strong, bold scenes in the film. I did them because I realized that the film demands it. However, Mr. Bhatt should know that I'm no Sunny Leone."

Sapna had already shot few bold scenes with her co-stars Ali Fazal and Gurmeet Choudhary, but things went haywire when Vikram asked Pabbi to go beyond the limit. The duo broke into huge argument and there was a big showdown.  

"The film's crew was at a loss because these scenes were crucial to character of Meera (played by Sapna) who traps the souls of men by using her body. Vikram had to come into the picture and have a conversation with Sapna that turned ugly as she said she is not a porn star. Vikram lost it and explained to her that these scenes were needed. It was a heated conversation and Sapna agreed to do the scenes. But things are really ugly between them."

Vikram Bhatt narrated his side of the story, "Sapna is just a kid, she will learn. There was a scene, which was integral to the story. She initially agreed but was jittery at the time of shooting. I took her aside and discussed it openly with her and she eventually did it," Vikram said.

‘Khamoshiyan, starring Gurmeet Choudhary in the male lead is an erotic thriller with Sapna Pabbi playing a mysterious woman. The film hit the theatre on January 30.

"There was an opening in the Bhatt camp for a supernatural film and I am busy with Mr X. So, Karan directed the film. It was his baby I was there only to give creative inputs," he said.

"The film will do well economically. It has a young cast, a good story and made on low budget. I don't believe in making those high-brow films that the audience does not understand", he added.