Sapna Bhavnani badly abuses Salman Khan

We have seen that for the last few episodes Salman Khan has been making fun and sometimes he is rude to the housemates. Some took his funny stride sportingly and just passed it off but some took it to the heart. The sixth season of Bigg Boss is no way less then the last seasons. It is also filled with fight, bad-mouth and loud-mouth. Hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani called Salman Khan a ‘woman beater’ after he spoke infamously about her.

Sapna could not digest Salman Khan’s insulting words and she retorted him back.

Salman had asked her, “If you are not here to play the game, are you on a picnic at a resort?”. To which she retorted, “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati karte rahe. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bull s***t sunti rahoongi har Friday. (You have no right to insult me every week. I am being paid to be on the show but that does not mean I will take the bull s**t lying down.)”.

When Salman spoke rudely to her, the hair stylist did not like it and it was clearly noticed on her face but after the show, she vented her anger in front of the housemates.

"Sapna dared Salman to kick her out of the show, saying she was not someone the star could bully into submission. And to drive home her point, she called him a 'serial woman-beater' before letting off a volley of cuss words," the tabloid reported.

The show producers chopped off the scene where Sapna vented her anger towards Salman and called him a ‘serial woman beater’.

A leading tabloid reported that Sapna spoke abusive vocabulary against the host and had tagged Salman as a “serial woman-beater”.

She even said, “If I win the show, I shall buy his painting and gift it to him.”