Sanjay's daughter Trishala reportedly heartbroken about Manyata's pregnancy rumours

Sanjay Dutt and Manyata DuttSanjay Dutt and his new wife Manyata may be overjoyed after they have finally tied the knot. However it seems that some of the people who are the closest to Sanjay are extremely hurt and upset about this decision of his. Sanjay's sisters, Priya and Namrata as well as his daughter Trishala who were not even informed of his decision to tie the knot with Manyata are extremely hurt and upset that Sanjay has taken such a step without even bothering to inform them. In fact, it has been reported that Sanjay's daughter is distraught with rumours that Manyata is pregnant with his child. 

Sanjay's daughter Trishala lives in America and was not even informed by her father about his marriage. Trishala was rudely awoken in the middle of the night by a reporter asking for her reaction on her father's marriage and that is how she got to know about the event. Trishala immediately called up her dad who confirmed the news. A source close to the Dutt family said "Sanju wasn’t concerned about her reaction. He was more worried about her talking to the media. He forbade her to talk to the press.” Trishala was already disappointed with the news of her father's marriage when she heard rumours of his new wife Manyata being pregnant. This shattered her completely and she seems to have gone into a shell. A shocked Trishala has not  even spoken to her aunts, cousins or any family in Mumbai since hearing this news. A source maintains "Trishala having lost her mother at a young age has always been very possessive about her father and hence does not want to share him with any other sibling. She has clearly told him earlier on that she would like to be his only child."  

However Trishala feels that ever since Manyata has come into her father's life, her relationship with him has been going downhill. Trishala feels that he has changed a lot and hardly bothers to even keep in touch with her. Manayata controls everything in Dutt’s life, personally and professionally from his finances to his friends and Trishala feels it’s Manayata who has driven a wedge between father and daughter. However a distraught Trishala refused to talk to the press and begged off saying "Please leave me out of this. I don’t have anything to say.”