Sanjay’s 5 months old son makes acting debut

Sanjay Dutt and Manyata’s son is hardly five months old and guess what the small baby is going to do. Sanjay’s Shahraan is making his acting debut in Sanjay Dutt’s maiden production to be directed by director David Dhawan.

Here David Dhawan gets bit nostalgic. Shahraan reminds him the days when he make his debut in direction with ‘Taqatwar’ starring Sanjay Dutt in the lead and now the kiddo will star in his father’s maiden production.  

A source says, "He's barely five months old but is very comfortable on the sets. He's at Mehboob Studios every evening with his two nannies and spends time on Sanju's, David's and Lisa Haydon's laps until wrap-up."

Interestingly, Shahraan resemblance so muck like his dad that when producer Indra Kumar came to visit Sanjay on the set he was strange to see his son who is a look-alike of Sanju baba. Indra Kumar jokingly said that he would have give the signing amount of ‘Dhamaal2’ to Shahraan.

Adds the source, "Not one to be outdone, Dhawan piped in to point out that Rascals was a Dutt Production and he was directing. Why let anyone else direct Shahraan for his first shot?
He quickly took an impromptu shot of Shahraan on Dutt's lap, stating he'd use it somewhere in the film either during opening or end credits."