Sanjay, Manyata’s twins come home

Finally, the proud parents of the twins heaved a sigh of relief as their babies come home today from hospital. Manyata Dutt was released from the hospital after she gave birth to twins but left their newborn in the hospital under doctor supervision as the babies were born premature. Manyata had to make many rotations to the hospital to feed her babies but now the twins headed for their sweet home.

Their first outings was on mom Manyata’s and aunt Priya’s arms. Sanjay wanted their babies to ride to the house on Rolls but his planned failed due to the delay in the delivery of the car. Says a source close to the couple, "The Rolls is being delivered on November 28. Maana's due date was November 23, but since she delivered prematurely, all plans went for a toss."

The doctors declared the babies fit to go home but the Rolls is arriving after 10 days. Sanju Baba wanted an early delivery of the car but it wasn’t possible.

The babies reached home at 2 pm and they were put in the two nurseries that Mommy Dutt has made for them. The couple is thrilled to have their babies home. 
Last few days were very stressful for the parents as they were in their house and the babies in the hospital under doctor’s care.

Now the foursome will have a gala time.