I will always love you both Hrithik and Suzanne, Farah Ali Khan

Hrithik shares a great bond with Suzanne’s sister, Farah Khan Ali, who is a jewellery designer and she believes "some bonds transcend everything".

Family will always stick together through thick and thin and I will always love you both Hrithik and Suzanne," Farah posted on micro-blogging platform Twitter.

Just before ‘Krrish 3’ release, Hrithik and Farah launched ‘Krrish 3’ merchandise at Farah’s store.

Veteran actor and father of Suzanne, Sanjay Khan is hopeful that everything will be sorted between his daughter Suzanne Khan and son-in-law superstar Hrithik Roshan and they would be together again. He said like any other couple, Hrithik and Suzanne also had issues and that the couple needed some space to resolve their issues.

When asked for his reaction, Khan said: "Like any other normal couple they also have some issues.

Just because Hrithik Roshan is a superstar, doesn't mean he will not have personal issues. They both are intelligent and wonderful people. It's just that they need space. Of course this is not a closure.

They respect each other. To resolve issues, may be this is what they thought was good," he said.

Suzanne has been living with her parents Zarine Khan and Sanjay Khan for five months. Hrithik Roshan has officially declared his break-up with Suzanne. A day after the declaration. he tweeted about his everlasting love for his wife. "Sussanne is and always will be the love of my life for the rest of my life. If her smiles are brighter without me, my love for her must accomplish that. Unconditional," posted the 39-year-old, who believes in the institution of marriage.

Both of them asked media to respect their privacy in this crucial period.

Fans of the hunk shocked to hear this news. They can’t believe how a successful marriage may go kaput.