Sanjay Gupta’s comeback movie shootout at Wadala almost ready

Filmmaker Sanjay Gupta is making a comeback. His new movie Shootout at Wadala is almost ready. The film was scheduled to release in December but now it’s being postponed to march 2013.

The writer-director-producer has had a tough time at the moment, with the administration accusing him of siphoning money aboard, using illegal means. Sanjay Gupta however is calm and wants to concentrate only on his movies. Earlier his movies mostly used to be weak remakes of flicks from Hollywood and around the world. Now he feels that he must also concentrate on the script and should give ample time to it.

Speaking to the leading national daily ‘Times of India’, he said, “You need to know who your friends are. And you need to work for at least a year on scripting. Earlier I didn't care. And it showed in my work. After I wrote my script, getting the actors was a piece of cake.”

The story of Shootout at Wadala has been taken from the first registered police encounter in Mumbai. This involved the slaying of dreaded don Manya Surve. It took place on January 10, 1982. Post independence. The gangs in Mumbai were mainly involved in smuggling of imported goods from Japan and Korea. They were also involved in illegal lottery, which was called matka in the local language.

However with the real estate boom in the 1980s, things changed. Gangs started the extortion business. All the places in Mumbai were marked out by particular gangs. If the businessman wanted to start a business or develop land, he had to pay protection money. Manya Surve was the biggest gang leader at that time. He was not from an impoverished background. He was a science graduate.

The shootout happened by chance. The sub-inspector of detective branch, Issac Bagwan receives a tip off that the dreaded don would show up at the Ambedkar college of Wadala. The police team arrived there, disguised as college students. After Manya arrived at the spot, he leaves to board a stolen car that was at that place. With that car he was to make a bank robbery. However when he is warned by the police, he returns fire. In the ensuing encounter he was killed.

In the movie the role of Manya would be performed by John Abraham, while Anil Kapoor will play the role of Issac Bagwan.