Sanjay Dutt’s first day in jail as convict

Sanjay Dutt is no stranger to staying at jail. Earlier he had spent two short span of time in the Yerawada jail itself in Pune. However, things were different then. Sanjay was still under trial at that time by the TADA court. He didn’t have to wear the prisoner’s uniform at jail. But since the TADA court has now convicted him, he will be wearing a prisoner’s uniform in jail with the alphabet C printed on it. ‘C’ denotes that he is a convicted prisoner.

The Khalnayak earlier took up the job of carpentry during his short stints at jail but this time around he is supposed to do hard labor work like any other convict.

The first day of Munnabhai at the Yerawada jail was eventless. He was shifted from the Arthur road prison facility, Mumbai to Yerawada jail in Pune, at around 4 am in the morning. The transfer was done in utter secrecy to avoid the crowd and media presence. This was necessary to ensure the secure transfer of the actor. The early morning transfer made the actor exhausted and he spent his first day sleeping away at his own individual cell. According to an official of the jail, "He followed the jail routine separately from other inmates as he has been kept in a separate cell. He rested in his cell throughout the day."

Munnabhai got his prisoner number as soon as he arrived at the Yerawada prison facility. He is now known as the qaidi (prisoner) number 16656. We hear that the life in jail is strict and very punctual. Food will be served thrice every day. Breakfast is at seven thirty in the morning, lunch starts at 11:30 am and the dinner is served at 6:30 pm.

The court has given a few privileges to the celebrity prisoner. He is allowed to have home cooked food, medicines, pillow, mattress and toiletries. On Wednesday a friend of Sanjay Dutt in Pune was supposed to bring him the lunch that was home cooked. However, the friend arrived late and Sanjay had to take the lunch almost at evening.

The first day went was eventless and was nothing out of a Hindi movie scene. We hope that the Munnabhai completes his jail terms and returns to the big screen to entertain us with more of his impeccable acting and comic performances.