Step-daughter Trishla finds step-mom Manyata ‘beautiful’ in a bikini

Sanjay Dutt and wife Manyata, along with their twins Shahraan and Iqra, are currently holidaying in Europe, enjoying the the sun, sand and sea. Manyata has been documenting her vacation by posting beautiful pictures on her social media page, and has been raising temperatures with her pictures in swimsuits.

The gorgeous star wife has once again shared a picture of her donning a hot fuchsia bikini on a beach side. Her kids Shahraan and Iqra can also be spotted playing with the small waves. ‘Let the sea set us free,’ Manyata captioned it. The picture is receiving a lot of love and likes, and Sanjay Dutt’s eldest daughter Trishala has also commented on it.

Trishala is Sanjay Dutt’s daughter from his first wife Richa Sharma who died in 1996 due to brain tumour. She was raised by her maternal grandparents and lives in New York. “?Beautiful pic, looks like fun... Love you," Trishala commented on her step-mom’s hot picture which has already got over 14 thousand likes in less than 24 hours.

Trishala has also commented on other pictures of Manyata during the vacation. The Dutts visited Rome, Italy, Venice and France, and pictures clearly suggest that they had a great time.

For a long time, there had been speculations about a cold vibe between Maanyata and Trishala, but the Dutt ladies had shut the rumours in the best possible way earlier this year. Maanyata had headed to the US and the (step) mother-daughter duo bonded like best of friends, sharing a series of selfies and videos on Instagram. Maanyata shared her first selfie with Trishala and captioned it, “The lionesses…Dutt ladies in the house……..New York times at its best.” Trishala also introduced Manyata with a video captioning it, “looks who's in NY!!! @maanayata.”

Maanyata and Trishala have an age difference of only about six years.