Sanjay Dutt, wife Manyata party at Marine Drive?

Well, there is a hush hush in the industry that Sanjay Dutt who is on leave from jail for 24 days on medical ground has been partying and socializing with his close friends apart from spending quality time with his family. The report surfaced when Manyata Dutt was spotted driving to Sanjay’s Marine Drive residence. The doubt arose when Manyata left Sanjay behind at home and headed to Marine Drive to party with friends. Sanjay was on furlough extension and in a couple of days, he will be returning to jail and under such situation Manyata partying alone sounds quite bizarre. It is sure Sanjay Dutt too was involved in the get-together.

The story does not end here. It is also heard that the party thrown at Sanjay’s Marine Drive residence was attended by several bureaucrats, police officers, politicians. There are conflicting reports about Sanjay's presence at the party. Sanjay is on medical leave and if the party report comes true then there won’t be any scope of future parole. The trouble would also brew on the head of the influential guests present at the night. It is also reported that Sanjay Dutt got 14 days furlough extension due to his star status, his sister Priya Dutt’s political background and on the recommendation of well known personalities.

Interestingly, no one is denying Manyata’s presence at the highly confidential bash but Sanjay presence is vehemently denied. It sounds quite impossible as how could Manyata left her hubby behind at home to party at Marine Drive when only counted days left for Sanjay to go back to jail.

Sanjay Dutt’s first 14 days furlough was suppose to end tomorrow, 15th October but the actor applied for extension which the jail authorities has accepted.

Sanjay who was serving the remaining three and a half years in jail in relation to 1992 Bombay blast moved out of jail for 14 days on medical ground. While in jail, Sanjay suffered leg pain and he had problem in walking. He seeks leave for treatment and to spend time with his family.

On October 1, when Mr Dutt left jail, he told the press: "I'm a law abiding citizen. I want to spend this time peacefully with my family."

The actor had already served one and a half years jail term and now he is serving the remaining three and a half years of imprisonment.

Well, we wonder what is the secret behind this well guarded party!