Sanjay Dutt wants hard work for sound sleep in jail

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt seems to be spending his worst days in Yerwada jail. The actor is facing a lot of difficulties like lack of good sleep at night, lack of communication etc. during his stay at the jail. Removed from the starry luxurious life he was habituated in the actor is now facing great difficulty to cope with jail style of life.

During his stay in the Yerwada jail, Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt have asked jail authorities to allot him a more laborious job so that he can maintain body fitness as well as enjoy a sound sleep at night. Jail authorities have however rejected his request for the time being as they are more concerned about the security of the actor as compared to a sound night’s sleep.

The Yerwada jail authorities have allotted a separate cell in the jail to Dutt and have assigned him work like book binding and paper file making as this would require soft labor and keep the actor back from coming in contact with other prisoners in the jail. Although Dutt is complaining of lack of sleep, still the jail authority finds it difficult to grant his wish at present due to security reasons.

Dutt has also requested not to assign him with the chair making job, as given to him during his previous term in jail, because that might affect his eyesight.

Sanjay Dutt is also not allowed to come in contact with his friend Yusuf Nullawala who is in the same jail but kept in a separate cell.

Another important issue that has been lately discovered about the actor is that he has forgotten how to write. The prisoners have to buy their necessary things from the jail canteen itself and this very incident revealed such a disaster. Dutt has to depend on other prisoners to make a list of his necessary items. Asked the reason as to why he has forgotten an important thing like writing the actor said that he was out of practice for the past thirty years. All the writing part was done by his servants and all he had to do was just put his signature in place.

Sanjay Dutt has already signed a number of films before his verdict was finally announced. This very act of Dutt being in jail has also become a big reason of worry for the producers of those films.