Sanjay Dutt upset with good pal/partner Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay Dutt and producer-director Sanjay Gupta are known to be good friends since way back. The two have even started a production house called ‘White Feather Films’ together. However although Dutt has starred in quite a few of the company’s films, it is Gupta who handles the administration part of the business. Recently however some crew members of the ‘White Feather Films’ last production ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala’ complained to Sanjay Dutt regarding their dues not being paid. After Sanjay Dutt further delved into the matter he found out that his company had indeed not paid the employees their dues. Sanjay Dutt is extremely professional and respects people who work hard a lot, so naturally he was upset that the employees had not been paid. Dutt then called up Gupta and the two seemed to have a verbal argument regarding the issue.
White Feather Films has produced many films and their recent production ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala’ was quite a hit. The production company however seems to be taking their own sweet time to pay the employees their dues. Despite the employees requesting the management in charge of making their payments to give them their dues as it has been a long time, the plea fell on deaf ears. This is when a few employees decided to approach the other partner of the company Sanjay Dutt with their grievances. The employees complained to Dutt that their payments were long overdue. Sanjay decided to look into the matter and found many irregularities in the payment process. This upset Sanjay as he did not want to hold back employees hard earned money. Dutt called up Gupta and asked for certain clarifications. However Dutt was not satisfied with all the explanations and that is the reason that he had a verbal argument with Gupta. Dutt is upset with Gupta over this issue.

Obviously however there is more to the issue than it seems, as the associate producer of White Feather Films who is also Gupta’s brother-in-law; Dharam Oberoi was fired after the incident. So the question being asked is, were there many other financial irregularities within the company that Dutt learnt off, is that why Oberoi was fired? However sources claim that Dharam Oberoi is simply either taking the blame or is being made a scapegoat for the problem that has occurred. Well so whom is Oberoi taking the fall for? Dharam Oberoi merely states “I will talk either tomorrow or day after. White Feather films is still dear to me. Gupta still remains my brother-in-law.” Dharam Oberoi also has to tread carefully as his daughter Neha will soon be launched in the film ‘Woodstock Villa’ which is being produced by White feather films. Meanwhile Gupta on his behalf denies that Sanjay Dutt and he had a verbal showdown, Gupta states “He called Lakshmi, the executive producer of Shootout and not me. There are a lot of payments held up, but that is routine in any company.”

Meanwhile Sanjay Dutt refused to comment on the issue but also inquired who had informed the media about this issue. However Sanju baba is a professional and did say “I am shooting for Gupta’s Alibaug tomorrow.” Recently Sanju also helped pal Sanjay Gupta to get back with his wife Anu. Sanjay Dutt is busy with several films although legal court wrangles continue to surround him. He is currently shooting for Sanjay Gadhvi’s Kidnap, Alibaug and will also be doing Bunty Walia’s film Lamha where he will be seen sporting a new short crop. Sanjay Dutt will play the role of an army officer cum assassin in Lamha and the film will be directed by Rahul Dholakia.