Sanjay Dutt not feeling well in jail

Celebrity actor Sanjay Dutt has filed a plea to change his cell in the Arthur Road police station. This was the cell where Ajmal Kasab, the lone living terrorist of the 26/11 mumbai attacks was incarcerated.

Dutt was sentenced to six years in prison under the arms Act for keeping a 9 mm pistol and an AK-56 rifle in a notified area during the Mumbai blasts of 1993. He had already served one and a half years of his term. Later he appealed to the higher court. The court upheld the previous judgment saying that the nature of Dutt’s crime was ‘serious’. However, his sentenced was reduced to five years. Dutt had then filed a review petition with the Supreme Court, but it was denied and he was given a deadline for surrender. This deadline was later extended by four weeks on humanitarian grounds. When the last limit expired, Dutt had surrendered to the TADA court. Previously, he stated that he feared for his life from fundamentalist section and asked to surrender at the Yerawada jail in Pune. Later, he withdrew the petition and surrendered at the TADA court from where he was booked into the Arthur Road jail.

Keeping in mind his previous statement about threat to his life, Dutt was given a secure cell at the Arthur Road jail. He was given a bunker where Ajmal Kasab had been incarcerated. Dutt’s lawyer, Rizwan Merchant claimed that the bunker is made of reinforced steel. The ventilation is insufficient. In fact, Dutt could not even say whether it was day or night. Merchant claimed that while the security concern is definitely an issue, this cannot mean that Dutt should be kept in such a cell. Dutt has been acquitted of the charges filed against him under TADA. "He is not a terrorist," said Merchant. So, he should not be treated like one.

Dutt along with his co convict, Yusuf Nullwala was kept in the ground floor of the bunker while Syed Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal who has been accused of hauling arms was kept in the floor above. Jundal too had filed a plea to change cells. According to prosecutor Salvi, the court has not yet ruled on the pleas.

The court had allowed Dutt to take home food. However, Merchant claimed that home food could not be delivered to Dutt as the jail regulation is that all foods should be placed in a polythene. But he confirmed that Dutt ate home cooked food on Friday.