Sanjay Dutt unable to refuse Vidya Balan

Bollywood is an industry well known for the rat race. Courtesy and comraedrie is something seldom seen in the glamour world. Therefore it makes nice contrast and warms the heart when stories of such gem surfaces.  The recent one involved our very own Sanjay Dutt and the vivacious beauty Vidya Balan. According to the industry sources, the cameo role that Sanjay Dutt is doing in the movie ‘Ghanchakkar’ is only to keep the request his former co-star Vidya Balan made to her.

The film is getting produced by UTV and the CEO of the firm is married to Vidya. Besides, Vidya is also plying the leading role in it. Hence it is pretty much understood that the project is very much close to Vidya’s heart and she expects nothing but the best for the movie. Therefore though Sanjay is pretty much tied up in his shooting schedules he could not neglect the sincere request of Vidya Balan.

An inside source from the ‘Ghanchakkar’ film unit reported that “Vids has worked with Sanju in Parineeti and Lage Raho Munnabhai and they get along very well. When UTV had initially approached Sanjay with the cameo, he was very tied up.” But Vidya intervened and made him agree, as the source farther added “Sanjay could not say no to Vidya. After returning from Jaipur where he is shooting for Raju Hirani’s film, he will start work on Ghanchakkar.”

Sanjay Dutt at present is busy as his hands are full with offers and exciting new projects are in the pipeline. Earlier this month (February 2013) the actor was in Hyedrabad, shooting for his upcoming movie 'Policegiri'. The flick has some gravity defying action stunts and the actor loves to do his own stunts. However, this time he got injured doing the stunt and his leg was hurt. But as a professional that he is, he refused to stop shooting and went ahead with the shoot as scheduled.

A source on the state stated, "Even though Sanju was finding it extremely difficult to move, he insisted on continuing with the shooting. Sanju understand the nuances of production work. He also knows that it's a tedious task. So rather than cancelling the shoot, he decided to take rest before carrying on with his schedule."

Since he was in Hyedrabad, he decided to visit Rajnikanth in Chennai and we hear there might be a plan for the duo to appear in a film together. The actor is also commuting to pink city Jaipur, shooting for the Rajkumar Hirani film "Peekay".