Sanjay Dutt to play Salman Khan's father

After an ugly tiff, Salman Khan has finally convinced his best friend Sanjay Dutt to be his father. Salman and Sanjay had been thick friends in the industry over the years. So when Salman asked Sanju Baba to play his father, he can’t say no. Actually, in ‘Bodygurad’, Salman wants a masculine, rough and tough body hero to enact the role of his father and he finds Sanjay the perfect choice.

A source said, "Salman had actually made the offer of his father`s role to Sanju two days earlier, and the latter just laughed it off.  At the party last Thursday, he brought it up again. This time, Sanju lost his cool and an angry scene ensued."

All knows if Salman wants something, he would have it by any means. Salman is a person who always stands by his friend in need and so when he approached Sanju Baba, he readily agreed. “Salman is not being unrealistic or spiteful by offering Dutt his father`s role. Salman is the kind of person who would do anything for a friend. If Dutt asked him to play a walk-on part in a film, Salman wouldn`t think twice before doing it. So he sees nothing wrong in offering Dutt his father`s role, and he won`t take a no for an answer," added the source.