Sanjay Dutt to become father soon

A new member is soon going to be added in Sanjay Dutt’s family. God has finally heard their prayers and the couple is going to be parents soon. Sanjay is at the top of the world as he and Manyata ardently waiting for this to happen. The couple even headed to Ajmer Shariff and offered prayer for parenthood and God has finally listened to them. Manyata is three months pregnant and is confirmed to the four walls of the house according to doctor’s advice.

This good news has been broken out by Sanjay himself. Manyata who accompanies Sanjay in every event has now stopped to go outdoors for safety measure. She is under doctor’s guidance and living on healthy diet. It is heard that Mrs Dutt has been demanding food and Sanjay is busy fulfilling her demands.

Post Manyata’s pregnancy, Sanjay has been busy with his production work and frequently travels outside the country. Worried Sanjay asked his friends and close ones to look after Manyata as she is alone.

From Sanjay’s first marriage, hehas a daughter named Trishala who is studying criminal law in the US.