Sanjay Dutt shifted to high security Yerawada jail in Pune

Actor Sanjay Dutt was recently sentenced to six years rigorous imprisonment under the Arms and Ammunition Act by the Tada Court. His appeal for probation too was rejected and the actor was immediately taken into custody. Judge Kode of the Special Tada court also refused Sanjay Dutt’s plea to be kept in Arthur Road jail. Sanjay has recently been shifted from Arthur Road jail to Yerawada jail in Pune.
Sanjay Dutt was keen to remain at Arthur Road jail as it was closer to his family and close friends. Also he claimed that since his sister MP Priya Dutt was pregnant he wanted to be near by. But the court rejected his appeal citing several reasons, firstly Arthur Road jail houses undertials and Dutt’s case has already been heard and he has been convicted. Moreover one of the main reasons that the authorities decided to move Sanjay to Yerawada was due to impending threats from gangsters Abu Salem etc who were also involved in the blasts and are yet awaiting their trial and sentencing. Hence Sanjay was sifted to the Yerawada high security jail. Also Sanjay has been given rigorous imprisonment and he needs to work in jail for which he will receive a paltry amount. Sanjay may have to get involved in one of the activities at the Yerawada jail doing jobs like cooking, carpentry, farming or working on handlooms.

Meanwhile Dutt was sentenced and imprisoned on 31st July and since then the actor has not been given any special treatment at jail. Sanjay like other inmates eats the usual jail food like dal, roti and sabzi. Sanjay has been rising at 5.30 am like all other inmates and also has to do his own laundry. However one small concession was granted to the actor, he was allowed to take his personal toilet kit into jail. The toilet kit consists of Sanjay’s favourite branded shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. When Sanjay was being shifted from Arthur Road jail to Yerawada, there was plenty of chaos and confusion outside the jail premises as the media, fans and crowds had all gathered to get a glimpse of the hero. Many were even standing with pen and paper hoping to get an autograph. The police too faced a problem in bringing Sanjay out and getting him into the police van. En route too the media and fans continued to follow the police vehicle carrying Sanjay. Dutt tried to put up a brave face and even told media and fans to “Please pray for me.”

Sanjay’s lawyers though refuse to give up hope and will definitely challenge his conviction in the Supreme Court. Currently though they are still hoping to get bail for the actor. Sanjay’s sister MP of Congress party is trying her level best to garner support for Sanjay from the ruling party. She even had a closed door meeting with Sonia Gandhi discussing Sanjay and his current problem. It remains to be seen whether the Congress party supports Sanjay. There were rumours that Sanjay had whisked off lady love Maanyata to South Africa as he did not want her hounded by the media. But recently Maanyata was seen accompanying Sanjay’s sisters Priya and Namrata while they visited him at Yerawada jail. Sanjay’s family does not quite approve of Maanya, however they know that she is probably one of Sanju’s strengths at this moment and right now he needs her.

Sanjay has the support of the entire film industry and most of his colleagues and co-stars think that his sentence is too harsh. When Abhishek Bachchan heard about good friend Sanjay’s six years sentence, he could only say “This is very upsetting.” Priyanka Chopra said “I’m shocked and upset. I’m sure the film fraternity will stand by him in every way possible. He’s a wonderful person.” Bipasha Basu said “I feel very sad, he has suffered enough. All his friends feel helpless and no one can do anything.” Preity Zinta claimed “Sanju made a mistake. But he is not a bad guy. In fact he’s a terrific guy.” Anil Kapoor maintained “I’m sad and shocked.” Jackie Shroff tried to find a silver lining within the dark clouds and said “It has been 14 years since this sword has been hanging on his head. At least now he knows that it is six years. The worst is over: there will be a sunrise for him soon.”