Sanjay Dutt sentenced to 6 years rigorous imprisonment

Sanjay Dutt recently celebrated his 48 birthday and his desperate wish was to be acquitted as an accused in the 1993 bomb blasts under the Arms and Ammunition Act. However today this wish was not fulfilled when Sanju baba was given a sentence of six years rigorous imprisonment under the act. Sanjay Dutt was visibly shaken and shocked when his sentence was being delivered by the judge. The actor was seen with tears in his eyes after the sentence was delivered.
Sanjay Dutt’s appeal under the Probation of Offenders Act (POA) which allowed leniency for good behaviour for the last 14 years was rejected by judge Kode. He was also fined Rs.25000 by the special TADA court and his bail was immediately cancelled and he was to be taken into custody. Sanjay Dutt has already spent around 16 months in prison for this crime earlier after the bomb blasts took place but later he was released on bail. However Sanjay and his lawyer will further file an appeal in the Supreme Court of Law.

Sanjay Dutt’s lawyer claimed that his client had kept arms in order to protect himself and his family during the communal clashes in 1993. However Judge Kode who has been presiding over the special TADA Court claimed “If you want to protect your family, you can take a lawful step, but an unlawful step for the purpose cannot be considered noble.” Yusuf Nulwala an associate of Sanjay’s was given five years imprisonment for destroying Sanju’s weapon. Kersi Adajenia was given two years imprisonment for also aiding to destroy the weapon given to him by Sanjay. However Rusi Mulla who was also an associate of Sanjay was given probation with a bond of Rs. 100,000 and an order not to leave Mumbai.

Sanjay however tried to maintain his composure after the sentence and pleaded with the judge to be allowed to speak with his daughter Trishala in New York and Sanju also said “Please don’t let the police surround me like a common criminal or a terrorist when they take me away.” The judge said he would consider Sanjay’s appeal shortly. Many in the film fraternity have expressed shock, anger and grief over the court’s decision to give Sanjay Dutt such a harsh sentence. Sanjay was in the process of shooting a few films like good friend Sanjay Gupta’s film Alibaug and he has at least around Rs.100 crores riding on him in the film industry.