Sanjay Dutt’s new love interest, Manya

Everybody’s taking about the new lady in apna ‘munnabhai’, Sanjay Dutt’s life right now. Sanjay is supposedly dating a lady by the name of Maanayata and the two of them recently even made a public appearance at an awards function hand in hand. Sanjay has apparently been seeing Manya, as she is fondly called for quite a few months now. The two lovebirds appeared extremely comfortable and relaxed despite the furtive glances and whispers around them.
According to sources Manya has been responsible for bringing about several changes in the actor and his lifestyle. Sources also claim that Sanjay and Nadia Durrani had broken up some time back and the rumours of their marriage were not true. Manya takes care of Sanju; she makes sure he eats on time, exercises and takes care of his health. Manya is like a guiding force in Sanjay’s life and he is extremely happy with the way things are shaping up between them. Sources also claim that Manya has cleared out all the excess baggage in the actor’s life, many people would take advantage of Sanjay’s kindness and generosity. She now makes sure that all his ‘so called friends’ don’t take advantage of him.

Sources claim “He’s very serious about Manya; they spend every minute they can together. Don’t be surprised if Sanjay calls out of the blue and tells you that they’ve got married.” Manya runs her family textile business independently and is an extremely strong willed woman. The two of them spend a lot of time at each other’s homes. Manya herself has expressed her true feelings for Sanjay, she claims that the two of them met through some common friends some time back. Manya says “We have been close to each other for over a year now, he is my closest friend and I am very fond of him.” She also adds “When I became friends with Sanju, I decided to stand beside him in all aspects and I will continue to do so, no matter what.” Manya hopes that Sanju’s legal problems will soon come to an end and she intends to be by his side right through.