Sanjay Dutt’s girl Maanyata manages his home, finances and life

Maanyata has stood by Sanjay Dutt through his recent ordeal of imprisonment and it seems that she is always by his side. The two are always spotted together at all social events and even visit religious places together. Maanyata has also been actively involved with Sanjay’s revival of his home production. Apart from this, Maanya has also been a positive influence in Sanjay’s life; she manages his home, finances and even his life. Maanya has in fact distanced Sanjay from many of his friends who earlier used to take advantage of his kindness.
Maanyata has re-decorated Sanjay’s home and she has advised him to stay away from friends who simply use him for their own benefit. Earlier many of Sanjay’s friends would just come over to his place and hang out continuously, but now Maanya has become very strict and does not entertain these kinds of friends. In fact there is talk that Dutt distanced himself from producer Sanjay Gupta at Maanya’s insistence. Dutt also went as far as sending a notice to a film trade magazine claiming that he was no longer with Gupta’s White Feather Films stating that the company could not use his name for any more promotions after ‘Dus Kahaniyaan’. Earlier Sanjay let many of his friends use his name for promoting their own means, but now he has decided not to let it continue due to Maanyata’s advice.

A source claimed “Sanjay Dutt had worked with people for emotional reasons and has not really got his market price ever. But after Maanyata has come into his life, his finances are better managed too.” Maanyata has even started giving him advice on which films to do, she also manages his finances and is doing a good job of it. She has advised him to ask for better and more lucrative deals like other big actors are doing. In fact Sanjay has recently supposedly signed two film deals, a three film contract with Suniel Shetty’s Popcorn Entertainment for Rs. 21 crore and also a three film deal with K Sera Sera for Rs.7.5 crore per film.

Maanya has also brought plenty of discipline to Sanjay’s life, she ensures that he eats good food on time and works out well. She is managing his home, his finances and even his life. And Sanjay’s life and home seems to be improving under the guidance and support of Maanya.