Sanjay Dutt’s birthday on 29 and court trial on 31st July

Actor Sanjay Dutt is extremely stressed out these days and according to sources has even stopped shooting for these last few days. Of course the actor will be undergoing stress as 31st July is supposed to decide his fate when he will face the court trial. Sanjay has been given a clean chit regarding his involvement in the terrorist act but he has been convicted under the Arms and Ammunition Act for which he is awaiting a judgment. Sanjay has already spent one and half year in prison and hopes that he will be acquitted in the case. Sanjay also celebrates his birthday on 29 July and no doubt his topmost birthday wish is to get his freedom.
Sanjay Dutt has had an extremely stressful week; he even cancelled shoots for a day according to sources. He is already stressed due to his case and at the same time having to shoot for his films has given him a lot of stress. Recently there has also been betting on whether Sanjay Dutt will be sentenced or not. It seems bookies have been shaken up after the recent spate of harsh death sentences doled out to those involved in the terrorist bomb blasts in 93. And although Sanjay has been acquitted of the terrorist tag, he has admitted that he is still nervous and scared. Mumbai bookies have placed bets ranging from around 40 paise to Rs. 4 and the total amount spent on betting is said to be around Rs. 1.1 million. Recently a raid was conducted by the Mumbai police and many people involved in the Sanjay Dutt betting racket were arrested.

Meanwhile Sanjay does not plan to have any kind of celebrations on his 48 birthday but a quite puja along with family and close friends will be conducted. Sanjay has become very spiritual, he always says his morning prayers, visits several religious places and has even taken to chanting the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ daily. Sanjay has also expressed that if he is acquitted in the court case he would like to settle down with Maanyata who has stood by him during his troubled times. However according to sources Sanjay has whisked Maanyata off to South Africa as he is afraid that the media will hound her if he is sentenced. He has also tried to set up some measures where she will be secure if he is imprisoned, sources claim that he has set up a boutique for her to run out there. Sources claim “there will be unnecessary media attention she will receive if he goes in, and endless speculation over his relationship with her and he doesn’t even want to think of that at this point of time.”

Sanjay’s family, close friends and even the entire film industry hope and pray that the actor will be acquitted and will finally be able to move on with his life. In fact sister Namrata’s birthday wish for the actor is “I pray that he gets back his freedom and it’ll be the most wonderful gift he’ll ever get. I wish him all the happiness and peace that he has lost.” His other sister, Priya too wishes Sanju gets his freedom and has a happy life in the future. Well everyone is certainly hoping and praying that the actor will finally be free.