Sanjay Dutt's alimony to Rhea Pillai

Sanjay Dutt Weds ManyataSanjay Dutt tied the knot with wife Manyata in February. But sources claim that just days before Sanjay and Manyata tied the not, his divorce from ex-wife Rhea Pillai was finalised. Sanjay was earlier married to model Rhea Pillai but later they became estranged and began living separately. But sources claim that Sanjay has paid ex wife Rhea a huge alimony in the form of an 8 crore flat and a Honda City car. 

Dutt and Rhea have been separated since a long time now, but it seems the legal divorce only took place recently. Sanjay has given Rhea the flat that they earlier lived in together when they were married. It is a three bedroom flat located in the posh area of Bandra and is estimated to be around 8 crores. However it seems that Rhea had already moved on with her life and is now married to tennis ace Leander Paes and they have a little daughter too. Sanjay however has been taking care of Rhea's expenses since a long time now. Sanjay has even paid all the instalments on her Honda City car. Apparently Rhea's credit card bills and mobile bills were also paid by Sanjay and he even took care of all her expenses when she went on trips abroad. Sources claim "Even after Rhea moved on with Leander, Sanju was paying for her upkeep." 

Sources also claim that Sanjay had asked Rhea for a divorce around two years back, but she emotionally blackmailed him at the time as she was concerned that her and Leander's daughter would be termed illegitimate, as she was not married to Leander at the time. Sanjay was in fact keen to get married to Manyata earlier on but had to wait for the divorce proceedings to come through. However when Sanjay came out of prison after he had spent a month in jail recently, he asked Rhea to give him a divorce officially. It has been reported that Rhea even had a problem with the alimony as she was not happy that Sanjay would no longer take care of her expenses. But Sanjay finally told Rhea that he now had his own family to support. However Rhea refused to get in to the details of her divorce alimony with Sanjay, she said "This is something I would definitely not want to get into. It is something very personal between the parties concerned. I don't know what relevance this has to anyone."