Sanjay Dutt returns to jail, Manyata, kids bid tearful goodbye

Sanjay Dutt’s parole ends on 21st March and the Munnabhai packed his bags to return to Pune Yerawada jail. He was granted parole on the ground of his wife Manyaa’s illness. He left his Bandra residence with friend and producer Bunty Walia leaving Manyata and twins, Iqra and Shahraan in tears. Tears rolled in from Manyata’s eyes as Sanjay stepped out of his house for Pune Yerawada jail.

The actor was nearly two months away from jail due to wife Manyata’s illness. Dutt was granted parole on the ground of wife's sickness.

He was granted 30 days parole in January and later he applied for one more month extension in February which was granted till March. Sanjay is serving remaining three and half years of imprisonment at Pune Yerawada jail for illegal possession of arms in relation to the 1993 Mumbai blasts case. After celebrating Christmas, New Year, Mahashivratri and Holi at home with family, Sanjay returns to jail yesterday. 

This is Sanjay’s last parole as any convict is eligible for 90 days parole in a calendar year. “Dutt has already availed 60 days, and this is his last extension”, Mr. Pawar said.

Sanjay first got month long parole extension on December 21 and before his parole ended on January 21, the actor again applied for one month more parole extension which is going to end on February 21st but Dutt has again applied for month long parole extension.

Manyata has been diagnosed with heart ailment and non-malignant tumor in kidney and was admitted to Mumbai Global Hospital for more than15 days.

Manyata was admitted at Global hospital on January 8th after she felt unconscious at home. She was admitted to hospital and after few tests she was diagnosed with tumor and has been operated twice.

The first operation took place on January 11 while the second operation done on January 22. Manyata was now advised complete bed rest and asked to take nutritious food.

Dr Ajay Chaughule, who has been treating Manyata, says, “Biopsy results show that her tumour is non-malignant. Since she has become very weak, she will have to come visit me for weekly check ups. Sanjay Dutt has been by her side all along and he is now taking care of Maanayata and their kids.”

It was reported that Maanayata had to cut her hair short as she has been losing hair due to vitamin deficiency. Due to Manyata’s illness, Sanjay Dutt has been released on parole from Yerwada jail, Pune. His parole has been extended till the third week of February.
sanjay dutt
sanjay dutt