Sanjay Dutt released from jail

Sanjay Dutt, who had been sentenced to jail for five years, have been granted a fourteen days bail on medical grounds. The actor was jailed due to his links to the illegal arms which were used during the Mumbai blast of 1993. He was arrested and convicted under the provisions of TADA for keeping an illegal 9 mm pistol and AK 56 rifle. These were parts of a consignment which were used in a series of blasts and other terrorist activities in Mumbai which killed 257 people and injured over 700. The actor was convicted and he appealed against the verdict. However, the Supreme Court upheld his conviction, though his sentence was reduced from six to five years. He is currently serving out the remaining part of his sentence at the Yerawada jail.

Dutt has already served some time before the Supreme Court reduced his sentence. He was sentenced for a total of 42 months and is now serving out the remaining part of his sentence. In the middle of August, Dutt has petitioned for parole on medical grounds in order to get treatments for certain illnesses from which he was suffering. This parole has now been granted.

On reaching Mumbai, the star addressed the media saying, "I want to spend some time with my family. Let me spend this time with my family. I want to thank my fans for all their support."

"I am a law abiding citizen. I respect the law and courts of India. I will complete my parole and will report back in jail," Sanjay added.

Dutt had surrendered before a designated TADA court and was sent to the Arthur Road jail. He was shifted to the Yerawada jail about six days later.

What is wrong with Dutt? What illness is he suffering from?

In July, 2013, Dutt suddenly fell ill at the Yerawada jail where he was serving out his sentence. he was rushed to hospital for a thorough checkup. It was reported that he started experiencing breathing trouble. He was taken to the Sassoon Hospital and a team of four doctors checked him thoroughly for three hours.

In fact, Dutt’s health was not very robust to start with. That is why he had requested home cooked meals, medicines and other facilities from home. however, jail authorities had objected to his special privileges. But now, seeing his health condition, he has been granted a 14 day parole.