Sanjay Dutt reaches home to Manyata and his twins

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt reaches home to spend time with his wife Manyata and his two loving twins. The court has granted him furlough of 14 days on medical ground. Sanjay after leaving jail said, “I respect the law of the land. I respect the honourable courts of India. I am a law abiding citizen and will complete my parole and will report back”.

He added that he wants to spend quality time with his family. “I want to request to the press that I have got some time which I want to spend with my family. I thank the press for its support. Thanks to all my fans and I love my fans”.

Sanjay has applied for parole a month back and on Tuesday court granted his application and allowed Dutt to move out of jail for 14 days. Apart from spending time with family, the actor will also seek doctor’s advice. Sanjay is reported to be experiencing pain in legs due to blood cloth and due to which he could not walk freely. He also suffers from high blood pressure and wants to consult with his doctor.

53-year-old Sanjay is serving 42-month jail sentence after he was found guilty of possession of illegal arms and pistol in connection to 1993Mumbai blasts which took away many lives. 

Around 9.30 am in the morning Sanjay was granted furlough, informed by jail superintendent Yogesh Desai.

"Good conduct is one of the criteria for granting furlough, which is sanctioned from prisoner's accumulated leave," Desai added.

According to the jail manual, a convicted prisoner serving his jail term can seek for temporary leave from the jail on two grounds, either parole or furlough.

Parole is basically granted in cases of emergencies, furlough is available as a right to the prisoner.

On May 16, Sanjay Dut surrendered before TADA court and after staying six days in Mumbai Arthur Road Jail, Sanjay was shifted to Pune, Yerawada jail.

Recently, Sanjay Dutt practiced for fun raising programme in jail but the function was shelved due to security reason.