Sanjay Dutt prepares for the worst in the 1993 bomb blasts case

Sanjay Dutt has currently stopped all his film work as he is unable to concentrate on shooting due to his upcoming court hearing in the 1993 bomb blasts case. Sanjay has been charged with the possession of an AK 56 rifle during the 1993 bomb blasts delivered to him by gangster Abu Salem and also for destroying the weapon. The court has already begun convicting several people who were accused in the 1993 bomb blasts case and Sanjay Dutt’s hearing is slated to be held sometime after the Diwali/Eid holidays. Sanjay says “I’m nervous and apprehensive about the trial but I have tried to mentally prepare myself for the worst situation.”
About the verdict of his soon to be heard trial Dutt says “I am going to bow my head and I will accept whatever the honourable court decides.” Dutt further adds that if the court and the judge acquit him in the case he would probably breakdown with relief and start crying. On the other hand he claims that if he is convicted he will have no choice but to face it. If Sanjay is convicted then he can face imprisonment for a minimum of at least five years, in spite of being aware of this the actor is trying to face the situation and says “I’ll just go and stand in court but I don’t know how I will react at that moment. I’m not going to be pretending or I’m not going to be preparing. I’ll just instinctively react to whatever happens then.”

Sanjay has recently been seen making visits to various temples in the city and is spending a lot of time in prayer. He says “I have always been very religious. I have a small mandir in my house and I pray in the morning. There’s nothing above God, he’s the ultimate power. He decides what he wants to do with his children. You get a lot of peace and security when you pray. I’m always close to God and I do need him.” Dutt says “I wish and pray that everything goes well and I get my freedom. It’s not easy to lead a normal life at this stage. I have not worked for the last three months and this is the most important situation in my life. I have to prepare for a lot of things-in both ways.”

Sanjay Dutt is confident that both his parents are watching over him and says “I do miss my dad. He was a power, a pillar of strength for all of us. I really miss him and I know he’s out there and he’s looking over me. Not only him, but also my mother who was a pillar of strength for all of us. I’m leaning on my father, he matters most and I know he’s there for me and I can feel him.”

Sanjay prays for the best but at the same time he is also trying to prepare himself for the worst scenario. Hopefully a verdict on his case will soon be out and Sanjay’s fate and future will be decided by his verdict. Sanjay was recently seen playing the character of Munnabhai and extolling the virtues of Gandhigiri in his film ‘Lage Raho Munnabhai’.