Sanjay Dutt now in Pune, Yerwada jail

In a very quiet and coveted operation the authorities shifted Sanjay Dutt from Arthur Road jail to the Yerwada prison facility in Pune. The entire operation took place on yesterday night. A jail official speaking about the transfer of the actor stated that, "Sanjay Dutt was escorted to Pune jail at about 4 am from Mumbai. There were three police vans that took him to the Pune jail."

This move came as a surprise as the Maharashtra ADGP of prisons had stated on Tuesday only that the shifting of the actor will take some time. It seems the authorities planned the operation to avoid all the media attention and the crowd. Also the security of the celebrity prisoner was that of utmost importance.

Sanjay surrendered to the TADA court on 16th May and was sent to the Arthur Road Jail. However, Dutt had earlier requested the TADA court to grant him permission to surrender directly to the Yerwada prison. Though, the actor removed the plea later on for reasons unknown and surrendered in Mumbai.

Sanjay was convicted for possessing illegal weapon during the time of the ‘Mumbai Serial Blasts’ in the year 1993. The metropolitan city of Mumbai was shaken with thirteen serial blasts on 12th March, 1993. The blasts took away 257 innocent lives and injured 713 others according to the official records. Unofficially the numbers are supposed to be much more higher.

At that time Sanjay Dutt was imprisoned as an under trial by the TADA court. The actor served two short duration jail terms at the Yerwada jail. This time the TADA court has convicted him and he is to spend the next 42 months of his jail term in the Yerwada prison facility. Sanjay this time around will be wearing a prison uniform which will be embossed with the alphabet ‘C’, to identify him as being convicted.

In the past Sanjay had taken up the work of carpentry during the jail terms. This time around he will have to do labor work at the prison. He will be eligible for getting up to Rs. 1,500 from his relatives to buy things at the prison canteen. He is allowed to have visitors, once in a month and that too for only twenty minutes.

We hope that Munnabhai gets out of all the problems real soon. We do not wish to miss him on the big screen for too long.