Sanjay Dutt keen to restart shooting and acquiring 8 pack abs

Sanjay Dutt recently received bail from the Supreme Court in his six year imprisonment term under the Arms and Ammunition Act during the 1992-93 Mumbai bomb blasts case. The actor and his family are relieved at least temporarily and Sanju baba seems to be making the most of his free time. He is currently enjoying a short holiday with ladylove Maanyata in Goa. However Sanju claims that he is eager to restart his shooting for the film EMI and he has also decided to concentrate on building his body and acquiring eight pack abs.
Looks like the entire film industry has been affected by SRK’s six pack abs in Om Shanti Om, it has lead many stars to pull up their socks and start concentrating on toning out their bodies. Sanjay Dutt has always had an envious physical persona; he has a tall frame and was known to rigorously maintain his body at one time. However due to recent pressures of his court cases et all, it has taken a toll on his body. However now Dutt who loves to work out is keen to get back to working out and acquiring eight pack abs. In fact Dutt has enlisted the help of Hollywood trainer Mark Twight who will help him get back into ship shape.

Dutt states “Just give me six months and I promise you I will have eight pack abs. By the end of February, Mark Twight is flying down from LA; I will start training with him immediately.” Dutt further elaborates saying “Eight pack abs is a new concept here, but in the West, it’s not uncommon.” Sanju however is aware that acquiring the eight pack abs is a strenuous process but he is ready for the challenge. He is also extremely happy that the rest of bollywood has become conscious about staying fit and maintaining a good body. But Sanju admits that working out and getting the eight pack abs will be a new high for him. However Dutt is aware that simply having a good body does not always guarantee success, he states “It is your talent, dedication and a good body that helps to make you a good actor.” So after getting a glimpse of SRK’s six pack abs, audiences will no doubt be excited to see Sanju baba’s eight pack abs soon.

Recently Sanju was also in Pune; however he did not attend the special screening of Dus Kahaniyaan at a charity show which was on at the same time. He had also not attended the premiere of the film in Mumbai and instead went off for a holiday to Goa. Sources claim that Sanju stayed away from the events due to his growing rift with one time friend and partner Sanjay Gupta .