Sanjay Dutt goes bald

Sanjay Dutt was forced to go bald for ‘Agneepath’. A Hollywood make-up artist Robin Slater was brought to make-up Sanjay Dutt for ‘Agneepath’ but due to high temperature in Diu the make-up melted away. After three hours of make-up when it started melting away, Sanjay opted for tonsure.

The Bollywood actor says, “I couldn’t have handled the make-up mess after a point. It was too tiring. Also, it was a strain on my eyes as prosthetic make-up is heavy.”

Apart from ‘Agneepath’, he is also shooting for ‘Rascals’ and hence he made arrangement for wig. His manager called upon famous Hollywood wigmaker Victoria Wood to Diu to take measurements of the wig.