Sanjay Dutt gets Samajwadi party ticket

Yesterday, Munnabhai Bhai landed on street and win over the heart of his admirers. He was accompanied by his wife Manyata. In an open jeep, Sanjay with Manyata, Jaya Prada, Jaya Bachchan guarded by SP general secretary Amar Singh drove through the crowded street of UP. As Sanjay passed through the huge crowd, he waved his hand and accepted garlands from his crazy fans.

Dressed in Kurta Paijama, green uttara with lal tilak and black and white beard, Sanju Baba was seen in upbeat mood. At the press conference, Sanjay many times mentioned about his dad Sunil Dutt and regarded Amar Singh as elder brother. Speaking about his agenda, he said, "Gandhigiri will be my agenda" and he would carry forward the legacy of his father Sunil Dutt and work only for the well-being of the people. Jaya Bachchan referred Manyata as the bahu of Uttar Pradesh.

Sanjay will step down if Atal Bihari Bajpayee stands in his opposition because he holds a high regard for him and he is a fatherly figure to him.

People have showered lots of love on Sanjay. Let’s wait and see whether his Ghandhigiri and Jaadu Ki Jhappi help him to emerge victorious.