Sanjay Dutt gets parole extension due to wife’s illness

Sanjay Dutt who is out from jail on parole from Pune Yerawada jail due to wife Manyata’s illness gets one month parole extension. He has applied for parole extension few days back and he his application was granted. He will now return to jail on February 20th.

Sanjay who is serving the remaining three and half years of jail sentence in connection to 1993 Mumbai bomb blast applied for parole due to Manyata’s sickness. She was diagnosed with tumor in liver and heart ailment. On basis of wife’s ill health, Dutt was granted one month leave from jail and as Manyata has not completely recovered, Sanjay wants some more days leave from jail to take care of his wife.   

"We are doing complete investigation for everything for some problems she has....There are lots of tests that she will have to undergo," Dr Chaughule told PTI.

She was at first admitted to Global hospital and later she was shifted to Lilavati hospital. It was also rumoured that she was diagnosed with tuberculosis but later it was denied by hospital authorities.

Dutt was thereafter freed from jail twice -- once on furlough in October on medical ground and then in December on parole to attend to family-related matters.