Sanjay Dutt finding difficult in making paper bags

Actor Sanjay Dutt who is serving his three and half years’ punishment term in Yerawada Jail in Pune, is finding it difficult to learn basic skill of making paper bags. Sanjay was lodged in Yerawada jail after he was found guilty of illegally keeping arms at his place. This was in connection to the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case. Sanjay surrendered on May 16th.

In the past forty days, the actor has not been able to make a single paper bag.  To keep the prisoners busy, jail authorities designate a particular job to every prisoner. Paper bag is considered an easy activity and hence the actor was asked to keep himself busy with making bags. But Sanjay Dutt has been finding it difficult to give the finishing touch to the bags. If he gets successful in making bags, he would be earning Rs 25 to Rs 40 on a daily basis for his job. A special teacher is dedicated to the actor to make him learn the skill as soon as possible. His paper bags would have a capacity to hold 5-8 kilograms. They would be sold in shops and in boutiques.

“We have appointed an officer to train Dutt in making paper bags. The actor is learning but has not been able to make even a single bag till now. We hope he will learn the skill soon,” said Yogesh Desai. Yerawada Central Prison superintendent.

“He has been allotted the task of making paper bags from old newspapers. The jail had started this unit a couple of years ago,” Yogesh Desai said. “We sell these bags to shops and boutiques.” he added.

Earlier the jail authorities had thought of involving Sanjay in kitchen job, but in view of his security, he was not given that job. In fact he is learning bag making in his barrack only and is not sent to paper making factory for the same security reasons.

“Dutt will do the paper-binding and file-making work for 46 months. If his behavior is found to be good during this period, his sentence might be remitted.” said a jail officer.

Sanjay Dutt had earlier expressed a desire to be involved in jobs that involve physical activity as that would help him keep fit. But in view of security reasons, his appeal was turned down.

During his earlier stay at the prison, Dutt had learned to make cane chairs.