Sanjay Dutt covers Ameesha Patel's cleavage

At the sangeet ceremony of filmmaker Rohit Dhawan, Ameesha Patel wore a chanya-choli. Her outfit was very revealing and her cleavage was very much exposing. On looking at her outfit, her senior collegue and actor Sanjay Dutt raised objection. He did not like Ameesha who is a good friend of both him and Manyata wearing such an exposing dress. He went up to Amessha and asked her to cover herself. When Ameesha Patel did not pay any heed to his word, he went up to her and cover her cleavage with a dupatta.

It is said that Ameesha is miffed with Sanjay Dutt’s behavior. Narrating what had happened that night, an eye-witness said, “Sanju is a very traditional guy who doesn`t like women wearing revealing outfits. He politely told her that she was like his sister and shouldn`t dress like that. He also took her duppatta (which she had taken on the side) and covered her bosom. He never imagined that she would have a problem with that. But Ameesha just took off. She started screaming and yelling at Dutt asking him who was he to tell her such things and what she did was none of his business. Sanju was taken aback and quietly walked off from the scene of the `crime`. The next day he flew back to Mumbai.”

Sanju treats Ameesha as her sister and he never thought she would be angry with him. Dutt seemed to be very upset with the way Ameesha had allegedly behaved. He said, “I have always thought of Ameesha as a sister. I would`ve done the same with my sisters Priya and Namrata if I felt that they were dressed unsuitably at an event. I would never disrespect a lady. I have never ever done that in my life. I have always tried to help Ameesha and be like an older brother to her. If she has been saying this, I will never respect her and she will lose a well-wisher for ever.”

However, Ameehsa denied accusing Sanjay of misbehaving with her and said, “Sanju is very protective about me. He`s such a dear friend that he can never ever misbehave. In fact, Sanju would himself kill if someone would try to touch me. He wouldn`t allow even a fly to hurt me. All these cheap rumours of `misbehaviour` is sheer nonsense and spread by jealous losers.”