Sanjay Dutt comes free of terror charges

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt gets a new life as the Supreme Court has declared him free of terror charges filed against him in the 1993 Mumbai serial terror bombing. Sanjay Dutt’s name did not come in the list of 50 other accused whose involvement in the terror attack has been challenged by the CBI.

He is free of the 50 lawsuits. Dutt has already served jail for six years for possessing illegal weapons in the 1993 terror attack. Challenging his conviction, Sanjay has moved his case to the apex court and he is presently out on bail. The CBI freed Sanjay from all the acquittal but earlier it has rejected to suspend his conviction in the Arms Act case when he was eager to fight the 2009 general election.

Really, it’s a D-day for the actor as he is free from the terror charges.