Sanjay Dutt becomes Samajwadi party’s GS

Sanjay Dutt’s dream to contest election from Lucknow shattered when the Supreme Court’s verdict went against him following the 1993 Arm act case in which Sanjay Dutt was declared culprit and was sent behind bars for six years. With the hope to fight poll, Sanjay went to every lane of Lucknow to propagate his party. Before the final verdict of the court, he even went to temple, mosque to seek the blessing of God but all his prayers and efforts turned into vain. He might fail to fight election but Sanjay has got a sweet reason to smile. The party has appointed him as the national General Secretary.

Sanjay declared that he would not leave Lucknow and serve the place forever and whoever stands from Lucknow for the Lok Sabha poll, he would propagate him.

Sanjay further said that he is happy whatever the party has offered him and he would work with full dedication.