Sanjay Dutt's secret visit to Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s 48th Birthday bash at his Panvel farmhouse was an affair to remember, as vouched by those present at his birthday. From poolside fun, to food, everything spelled extravagance. Most of his close friends made it to the event, although one person was conspicuously missing, Sanjay Dutt.

Sanjay Dutt, who is in jail for terrorism acts in the 1993 Mumbai blasts for which he has been awarded a five year jail sentence, has been let out on parole to attend to his ailing wife, Maanyataa Dutt. One of the things he did was visit Salman Khan for his birthday, the party of which he missed. On December 27th, Friday, Sanjay Dutt was seen visiting Salman Khan at his farmhouse. He was seen to reach there bynoon and spend a few hours with the actor after which he left around 4:30 pm.

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan have been friends for a long time. Irrespective of controversy, they have always been known to have stood by each other. In fact, Salman had gone to visit Sanjay the night before he was to go to jail. Sanjay Dutt has always treated Salman like a younger brother which Salman is always quick to acknowledge and respect.

On Sanjay Dutt’s visit, a source said’ ‘Sanjay left the farmhouse around 4.30pm. Though his car was spotted there all the time, the paparazzi could not get a picture of Dutt as he was already inside the farmhouse when the photographers reached.’

An eyewitness added ‘Salman also went to see off Sanjay Dutt on his bike till the main road of his farmhouse. In fact, Sanju Baba was in his car while Salman escorted him on his bike.’

Though Sanjay Dutt was not a part of the birthday bash that evening, he certainly made up for it with the visit in the afternoon. It goes on to prove that some friendships do last forever, especially in this case, where their turmoil in life have not affected the stars’ friendship in any manner. Salman Khan was known to have stopped immediately by Sanjay Dutt’s home in Pali Hill after a return from a health visit in the States. When it comes to the law, both are going through a tough time as Salman Khan too, faces fresh charges in the black buck poaching case. With both of them going through rough times, they can certainly depend on each other for support.