Sanjay Dutt applies for parole extension

The veteran actor Sanjay Dutt at present is serving his 42 months jail term in the Yerawada jail. He is convicted for his role in the Bombay serial blast case that occurred in the year 1993. On 4th December Sanjay was given parole by Pune’s Divisional Commissioner but activists started protesting against the parole stating that Sanjay Dutt was enjoying favoritism. Finally Dutt family completed the formalities of parole after two weeks and Sanjay came out on parole on 21st December 2013. The parole was granted for thirty days and will conclude on 21st January 2014 if not granted extension. The reason for seeking the parole was the ill health of his wife, Manyata.

Recently the health of Manyata detoriated and she complained about problem to breath and discomfort in lungs. She was rushed to a hospital in Parel where she was operated the very next day and the doctors removed water from her lungs. Although she still complained about breathlessness after the operation. This development made Sanjay a worried man and he filed for parole. Soon after Sanjay Dutt’s release on parole the doctors announced that Manyata is suffering from tuberculosis. 

A source from Sanjay Dutt’s team informed that, "It is only natural for him to be concerned about his wife's health and he will wish to be with her to ensure she gets the best medical treatment. Though he is planning to move an application seeking extension of parole but currently he is waiting for more details on her medical condition before responding. His legal team has started looking out for options."

As per the recent development Sanjay has applied for a 30 day extension of his parole period. He has filed the application three days ago along with the medical report of his wife.  A senior person from the Yerawada jail speaking about the process of parole extension stated that, “"It is every jail convict's right that they can move to extend their parole from 30 days to 90 days, depending on circumstances.

We sure hope that Sanjay Dutt gets the parole extension that he seeks. He has entertained the nation for a long time and his characterization of ‘Munnabhai’ will always be fondly remembered. His sick wife needs his care and attention now and he should get an opportunity to provide it. Incidentally it should be noted that his parole time is not counted as part of his jail term.