Sangeeta Bijliani attends ex-flame Salman's birthday party

The stars of Bollywood could go more unpredictable with their actions than ever. This is evident from the fact that Sangeeta Bijliani came to attend her ex-beau, Salman Khan’s birthday party this Thursday. The party was thrown by Salman on his Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai. It seems that neither Sangeeta nor Salman is ready to ignore their exes at any point in their lives.

 The Super star had just seen the release of yet another blockbuster ‘Dabangg 2’ just before Christmas. His birthday, on 27th December, saw a small but commendable party with very close friends and his family members at his residence. The party that was hosted by Salman Khan took place late at night on his Carter Road Apartment. It was surprising when out of all people, Sangeeta Bijliani turned up for the party to wish Salman.

 Sources have also said that Sangeeta has been seen in many of the functions that have been hosted by Salman. So much so, that this actress was also seen to attend the premiere of Salmaan’s latest movie, ‘Dabangg 2’. Furthermore, earlier this year, Sangeeta came for the Visarjan celebration of Ganpati that was held at Salman’s house. She has also been spotted at various family events organized by Salman Khan. She has been photographed at many of the events that she has been seen along with Salman.

 Salman and Sangeeta’s relation started way back in the 90’s, when Salman was just a newcomer in Bollywood. Sangeeta is former Miss India and also a Bollywood actress. Their relation did not last very long. After their break up, both carried on with their respective lives. Sangeeta got married to former Indian Cricket Captain, Mohammad Azharuddin. Salman Khan on the other hand started dating Somy Ali, a famous Pakistani star. That relation too did not last long and Salman was seen to romance with yet another Bollywood actress and former Miss World, Aishwariya Rai (now wife of Abhishelk Bachchan). Meanwhile, Sangeeta’s married life did not work out well.

 Although both the actors have gone through troublesome relationships, it is seen that Salman has always been offering a supporting hand towards Sangeeta whenever she needed him. In fact, not only Salman, his family members as well, especially his mother, has always welcomed Sangeeta with open arms any time she needed support.

 Sources suspect that something might be cooking between the two of them. Will Bollywood and the entire nation see a come-back of the old relation? We have to wait and watch.