Sana Amin Sheikh of ‘Krishnadasi’ slams haters for calling her non-Muslim

Popular television actress Sana Amin Sheikh, who currently plays the lead role of Aradhya in ‘Krishnadasi’ on Colors TV, has lashed out at some of her fans who called her a non-Muslim.

Sana’s character in the show is a Hindu girl and requires the actress to put ‘sindoor’ on her forehead and wear a ‘mangalsutra’. However, her look as Aradhya didn’t go down well with some of her fans who taunted her saying she wasn't a true Muslim.

The actress took to her Facebook page and posted a very strong message for her haters asking them to get off from Instagram and Facebook if they have a problem with her.

Sana posted a few comments asking her why she sports ‘sindoor’, and wrote, “There r people who bash me asking why do i put sindoor after pack up.. (btw it goes off only when i wash my hair), even if i wear it by choice.. does it make me less of a Muslim.. my Nani and my Mum wore Mangalsutras.. which is a "Hindu thing"

Does this make us less of a Muslim.. ? I know i am going to get bashed at this too..

All those who r staunch muslims who write to me.. why don't u get off insta and facebook.. Isn't this entertainment.. why do u watch my soaps on tv.. Isn't it Haraam.. (forbidden)?

Will Allah put me in dozzak (hell) because i wore sindoor.. ?

And will u go to jannat inspite of the fact that u wasted your time on facebook and other entertainment sources and that u gave me hidayat..(advice) ??"

Sana started acting as a child artiste and was seen on Zee TV show ‘Hasratein’ during the 1990s. She became popular with her lead role as Ritu Shah on the Disney Channel India Original Series ‘Kya Mast Hai Life’. She also works as a radio jockey on Radio Mirchi.

Sana tied the knot with TV show director Aijaz Sheikh in January this year. 

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