Sameera Reddy, husband Akshai, kids test Covid positive

Sameera Reddy, her husband Akshai Vande and their two kids, Hans and Nyra have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

A day ago, Sameera shared that she tested positive for the virus and informed that her mother-in-law is safe. She wrote, “I tested covid positive yesterday. We are safe and taking necessary precautions. Sassy Saasu by the grace of God has been living separately and is safe. We will be in-home quarantine and will continue to be our positive upbeat selves. I know I have you lovely peeps to put a smile on my face. This is the time to be strong with positive affirmations. We are all in this together. Stay Safe” (sic)

The mommy of the two also revealed how her two kids, Hans and Nyra showed symptoms of the novel coronavirus and soon after, she and her husband contracted the virus. She wrote, “Lots of people asking me about Hans and Nyra so here is the update The past week Hans had high fevers, headaches, body ache, upset tummy and severe fatigue. It lasted for 4 days. It was very unusual So we tested him and he was covid positive. I have to admit initially I did feel complete panic because however much you think you are prepared, you just never completely are for something like this. Immediately Nyra started showing symptoms. She had fevers and upset tummy. I gave her cold compress and paracetamol on SoS (sic).”

The actress further wrote, “The most important thing is to be aware that the second wave is affecting many children but doctors believe that it has mild symptoms in most of the cases. Doctors are also recommending vitamin C, multivitamin. A probiotic and zinc (please check with your doctor ) I’ve done everything to make them comfortable and Both are in great spirits and back to being in masti mode It’s important to remember that even though Your kids might get asymptomatic in a few days they still have to be isolated from people who haven’t been affected for 14 days to make sure it is not transmitted (sic).”

She informed that first their kids contracted the virus and then she and her husband Akshai tested positive. Sameera Reddy wrote, “Me and Akshai tested positive soon after the kids. We have started the medications, steam inhalation, salt water gargles, breathing exercises, pranayama and eating wholesome meals and are diligently following our doctors recommendations. This is the time to be smart and focus on what helps . Not negative. Not fearful. Just be alert to protect yourself and others. We have to be mindful of this. It is the only way. I will continue to make my happy content because positivity is biggest strength right now Stay strong . Stay safe (sic).”