Sameer Soni to re-enter Bigg Boss house

Public sympathy is all with Sameer Soni. The official website of Bigg Boss is flooded with messages to bring Sameer Soni back. When the decision of Bigg Boss came, Sameer was heartbroken, he felt that injustice was meted to him because he stood against a person who is violent and don’t have any tax on her mouth. Dolly Bindra insults and picks up fights with anyone in the house without any reason.

According to a source, “Sameer Soni was very agitated by Bigg Boss as he thought that the decision to throw him out of the house was unfair. It took a lot of time to calm him down when he came out. After sometime, he was shown the entire footage and was given a clear picture about the incident.”

The source adds, “When he was asked whether he would like to enter the house again, he thought for a while and then gave a nod to the channel. The episode where he enters the house will be aired on Monday.”

Well, let’s see how the housemates welcome their old inmate. He will enter the house on Monday.