Sambhavna Seth and Avinash Dwivedi is a couple

Sambhavna Seth drew the limelight towards her by appearing in Bigg Boss, season 2. She has worked considerably in Bhojpuri films as an item girl and has also done a few reality shows such as “Desi Girl” and “Khatron ke Khiladi”.

She now is in the news for a reason related to her personal life. She now claims that she had never been in a happier phase in her life before as she has now found her true match- Avinash Dwidevi, who is a professional dancer.

Sambhavna has been in the industry for eight years and she says with modesty that this has been her first relationship since she started work. The couple is said to have met during a show, of which both were a part. Their chemistry was also palpable at the birthday party that was recently organised by Sambhavna.

When Sambhavna was asked about her relationship with Avinash she said, “Since we are both passionate about dance, we became friends in no time. He used to like me since then and chased me for two years. But I wasn't sure. I finally said yes during this Diwali.”

When asked what made her say a yes, she said, “Avinash is very caring. What swept me off my feet was the way he looked after me when I was hospitalised after a major asthma attack last year. He never left my side for those 12 days."

She also said that it was his dancing skills that wowed her, “He is a fabulous dancer. His hard work, determination and simplicity won me over. He is very down to earth.”

Sambhavna also divulged a few secrets about their relationship. She said that the two have no ego clashes and are understanding. When asked if her popularity is the cause of any tussle between them she said, “Not at all, we are mature enough to handle all this. Popularity ka scale to upar neeche hota hi hai hamari industry mein. Success is unpredictable here. For me, what is most important is the kind of person he is, not how popular or unpopular he is.”

When asked about their marriage plans she said, “Marriage isn't my priority at the moment. Since I was unwell last year, I couldn't concentrate on my work. I want to focus on it right now. Also, I would want to use one more year to know him better.”