Sambhavana Seth's raunchy MMS goes viral

Sambhavana Seth was one of the most talked about celebrities on ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ recently. Though the show has ended, Sambhavana has very well managed to be in the news- thanks to her hot video that has been going viral! Following her fights with Dimpy inside the house, host Farah Khan called Sambhavana “cheap”. It seems that Miss Seth liked Farah’s comment so much, that she has apparently decided to live up to this image. And for this purpose, all she had to do was to appear in a steamy tape and the internet did the rest.

This video is a steamy song from one of Sambhavana’s Bhojpuri films when she was in the beginning of her career. This younger Sambhavana is seen having some intimate time with her co-star. The six minute video starts with a hot Sambhavana donning a red sari and dancing with the actor. She then shows her playful mood by pushing the actor on to a sofa and getting cozy with him. Yet another of her hot costumes is a black sari with a bikini blouse. The actress then does some raunchy moves to flaunt her figure and grab eyes. The song has been shot in a house and one of the scenes even shows the two making love on a staircase! The pair might fall having fun in such a dangerous position, but the TRP is sure to rise. Now after all the steamy love, the actors cool down with some water dripping through Sambhavana’s sensuous curves. While the actor quenches his thirst – as if he is still thirsty after having got so much to enjoy.

It seems that the actors received some special training from a renowned stunts man, as action forms quite an important part of the song. After getting wild on staircase, they are seen making out in a literally incredible place- on a thin railing in a balcony! It is surprising to see how Sambhavana managed to balance her voluptuous figure in such a tricky position. But then, she was thinner then and in the start of her career too. Who could deny a stunt or two when money is at stake? The lustful moves continue in rest of the clip.

It seems that Bhojpuri hot videos going viral has been a trend associated with ‘Bigg Boss’. The Bhojpuri film videos of previous contestants Shweta Tiwari and Payal Rohatgi too created news while they were inside the house.